Wed 12-03-97


LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A pizza parlor in Los Angeles is going to pot – literally.

This past weekend, the L.A. based Don Antonio’s Pizza Parlor became the first pizzeria in America to offer pizzas made with “hemprella,” a fake cheese made out of crushed marijuana seeds.

Don Antonio’s owner Tom Beyers says he decided to add the hemp cheese to the menu because he likes the taste and he wants to give vegetarians an alternative to dairy products.

The hemp cheese has a rough, chewy texture and a flavor reminiscent of smoked gouda. It’s more expensive than regular mozzarella – and, no, you can’t get high from the hemp cheese.

So far, the pizzeria has sold about 70 of the hemp cheese pies and the reactions have been mixed.

CONTACT: Tom Beyers, 1/2; Arrange with Sandra Weinstein (Press Contact); NYC; (415) 435-9941

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