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JODIE FOSTER 35 (Actress. Her real first name is Alicia. John Hinckley, Jr., the man who shot President Reagan and three others in 1981, said he wanted to kill the President in order to “impress” Foster. Foster flicks: The Silence of the Lambs (1991), The Accused (1988), Taxi Driver, Paper Moon)

MEG RYAN 36 (Actress. When A Man Loves A Woman (1994), Sleepless In Seattle (1993), Top Gun (1986))

MIKE LOOKINLAND 37 (Played Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch)



CALVIN KLEIN 55 (Fashion designer. CBS-TV banned a 1980 Calvin Klein jeans ad which featured Brooke Shields speaking the words, “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.” In 1978 kidnappers held Calvin Klein’s daughter for $100,000 ransom.)

DAN HAGGERTY 56 (Actor. Played James “Grizzly” Adams on The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams.)

TED TURNER 59 (Media mogul. Founded CNN. Owner of Atlanta Braves. Married to Jane Fonda. When he was in college he was kicked out of his fraternity at Brown University after he set fire to the homecoming float. In the book Citizen Turner, authors Robert and Gerald Goldberg charge that Turner once hired hookers to attend high-level CNN meetings and that he bragged about making his own X-rated videos. Turner is the biggest individual landowner in America and holds deeds to more than 1 million acres of property. When he was young, he used to watch Gone With The Wind and says he always remembered Scarlett O’Hara’s father saying “The land is the only thing that lasts” – so he figured land was a good investment. In 1985 Turner bought MGM for $1.5 billion. In an effort to promote his not-so-hot Atlanta Braves, Turner once straddled a live ostrich and televised a wet T-shirt contest from the stadium. In 1976 Turner’s WTCG-TV in Atlanta became the world’s first superstation. The station later changed its call letters to WTBS. Finally, a quote from Turner: “If only I had a little humility, I’d be perfect.”)

DICK CAVETT 61 (TV personality. Days before O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder, Cavett declared that if O.J. was acquitted he would renounce his citizenship and leave America. Dick’s still in New York so what gives? He jokingly says his move is still “in the process.”)

LARRY KING 64 (TV talk show host. His real name is Lawrence Zeiger (not Zieger or Ziegler). King admits he’ll never make it as a porn star. That’s because he got a bad case of cold feet when he was alone with porn star Marilyn Chambers in the back room of a Miami radio station when he was doing an all-night radio show in the late 70s. King says they started talking about sex and Chambers asked him if he’d like to have sex with her. Larry says they went to a private back room during a five-minute news break, but he just couldn’t rise to the occasion. He says he’s actually “very sexual” but the situation was too business-like for him and he couldn’t get excited in the radio station’s back room. Larry says he regrets blowing his only chance with Marilyn Chambers but says he doesn’t dwell on it.)

ALAN YOUNG 78 (Young, who played Wilbur, the owner of a talking horse in the ’60s TV series Mr. Ed, says he still laughs about the time Zsa Zsa Gabor tried to walk off the Mr. Ed set with a $10,000 mink coat while filming one episode. “We were a low budget show and rented the coat. Zsa Zsa’s used to being given things and when she walked off the set with it, we had to stop her at the studio gates to get it back.” Young was given the role of Wilbur because the producer thought he looked like the kind of guy who would talk to a horse. Just how did they get Mr. Ed to talk? Young says the horse’s trainer placed a nylon strip under Mr. Ed’s tongue which the horse would try to remove. Then the trainer would tap the horse on the foreleg as a cue for it to stop moving its mouth.)

Bandleader TOMMY DORSEY was born in 1905. The first No. 1 song on the Billboard weekly pop chart was 1940’s “I’ll Never Smile Again” by Dorsey and his orchestra and Frank Sinatra. Dorsey died in 1956.


• 7 Years Ago Today: The pop duo Milli Vanilli was stripped of its 1990 Grammy Award for the album “Girl You Know It’s True” because the two performers – Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan – didn’t even sing on the album. (1990)

• 13 Years Ago Today: Horrible explosions rocked Mexico City after a gas truck exploded and set off a series of explosions at a gas storage plant. More than 300 people were killed and 60 acres were leveled from the blasts and fires. (1984)

• 17 Years Ago Today: CBS TV banned a Calvin Klein jeans ad which featured Brooke Shields saying “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.” (1980)

• 20 Years Ago Today: Star Wars became the highest grossing film in movie history as of 1977. (1977)

• 28 Years Ago Today: Brazilian soccer star Pele scored his 1,000th goal. (1969)

• 38 Years Ago Today: The last Edsel rolled off Ford’s production line. Ford sold only 109,000 Edsels and lost $250 million on the model. At the time, Consumer Reports magazine described the Edsel as “...gadget- bedecked and more hung with expensive accessories than any other car in its price class.” Unfortunately, the Edsel was also ugly. Less than 3,000 of the 1960 model Edsel were sold. (1959)

• 38 Years Ago Today: Bullwinkle J. Moose and Rocky the Squirrel made their debut in the ABC afternoon cartoon series “Rocky And His Friends.” The prime-time cartoon featuring Rocky and Bullwinkle didn’t appear until September 21, 1961 on NBC. It was called “The Bullwinkle Show.” (1959)

• 102 Years Ago Today: Inventor Frederick E. Blaisdell, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, received a patent for the pencil. (1895)

• 134 Years Ago Today: President Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Lincoln traveled by train from Washington to Gettysburg and, while on the train, he jotted down his three-minute speech on a piece of paper. It started with the words Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation... Although it’s one of the finest speeches of all time, it was panned by critics in 1863. The Chicago Times wrote that Americans must tingle with shame over “...the silly, flat utterances of the President” and the London Times wrote “Anything more dull and commonplace it wouldn’t be easy to produce.” (1863)

• 504 Years Ago Today: Columbus discovered Puerto Rico. (1493)


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