Wed 05-13-98 03:23 pm


LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Hundreds of dogs are about to take a political stand on all fours against owners who don’t scoop up their pooches’ messes.

The dogs will participate on June 6 in what’s being called the world’s first canine-signed petition to curb water pollution caused by dog waste in Los Angeles.

It seems doggie doo left behind on lawns and sidewalks is being washed into storm drains and then into the Pacific Ocean, which acts like a giant canine commode.

Of course, since most dogs don’t know how to write, they’ll be signing the petition with paw prints.

The paw print campaign is being sponsored by a company called Crazy Dog Pet Products which says it plans on sending the petition to L.A. politicians to draw attention to the dog poo water pollution problem.

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